Diving in Tahiti

There are a few wrecks in Tahiti that are worth checking out and we were excited to do just that. Finding where the Catalina aeroplane and the sunken boat where was more dificult then expected as no one could tell us where exactly it was.
By some luck (we sold one of our dive watches) I finally found someone (the person who bought our dive watch) that showed me exaclty where everything was as he had been diving around the Societies for a while.

We got to dive on both the Catalina and the sunken boat that are near the airport in Tahiti and also the famous Nordby in Raiatea. We didnt have the best conditions seeing the Norby as we only had one possible day to dive on it and it was grey and stormy. Not great visibility to say the least!

If I had to choose between the two I would definitly choose the Catalina and boat versus the Nordby. Both wrecks were just really fun to dive around and discover.