After leaving Fatu Hiva and the stunning bay of virgins we went up the coast of Tahuata to Hanamoenoa Bay. We managed to catch two big fish on the way but since we had no idea what they were we through one back in the water. What a terrible mistake! They turned out to be Rainbow Runners which Steven later told us were the salmon of the sea.

Steven lives just off the beach of Hanamoenoa and kindly let us use his table and fire pit to cook our fish on the beach. He also showed us how to make real coconut milk from scratch but since he is a very private person I did not get a chance to film it.

We really like Tahuata and Hanamoenoa, we got lucky enough to be there while they celebrated a religious weekend and got to listen to their beautiful singing! Even now, when I listen to it, I get goose bumps.
We also managed to get Arthur to swim around the boat and to the beach most days which was very exciting!