The beginning

It all started with a kiss!

Well it actually all started with this little guy.

After Arthur was born we realized how little time we spent as a family and how little time James had to see our little bean.
I can't remember now how exactly this came about but somehow we started talking about buying a boat and sailing as a family.

The idea behind this, at least for me, is a chance for Arthur and Ewan to have both their mom and dad present everyday.
Now I knew this would appeal to James as he has always loved sailing and, even though I don't really care how we do it, sailing sounded like a great way to see the world, raise amazing kiddos by spending time together as a family.

So here we are now, selling everything we own to go and explore the world together.

James has now officially turned in his notice and we are flying back to Europe at the end of the month.

We have a list of all the Amel Super Maramu we are thinking could be a good fit and I hope one of them will be ours before the new year begins.

Right now I am trying to concentrate and getting rid of all the stuff we won't need and it is proving harder then I thought...