Bora Bora

Our last Island in the Societies!

When we came to Bora Bora with my mom we stayed on the western side of the island so this time we decided to go and check out the other side.
Since our boat has a deep draft we couldn't make it all the way down and had to anchor at the top. The anchorage wasn't very interesting but we were there to go and swim with Manta Rays so it didn't seem to matter.

Of the 5 times we went to check out the Manta Ray spot I am the only one that got to see one and only the one time, which was very disapointing.
Also since all the beaches on that side are private, it wasn't very fun for the kiddos as there wasn't anywhere to go and play.

After the Mantas we went back to the other side and spent some time at the one and only public beach on the south point of Bora Bora.
The water in the anchorage was clear and beautifuly inviting saddly the wind and slight current made it impossible to take the kids for a swim around the boat safely.

Before leaving Bora Bora we picked up a mooring at the yacht club and spend a few night there enjoying the pool and going back and forth to the supermarket for some last provisioning.