We decided to stop in Suwarrow as it would cut the trip to American Samoa in two and we were not dispapointed. We could have stayed there for longer then 5 days.

The Rangers Motu is really lovely with a beautifull beach and swings and hammocks hanging from the trees. We didn't get to explore any other motu as the birds nest on most of them and a team of scientist and volunteer was eradicating the last of the rats on another Motu.
What we did get to do though was swim with Manta Rays and they have the coolest Manta ever here in Suwarrow as it is almost totaly black on both top and bottom. So of course we decided to name him the stealth manta!

Anyways we had an amazing time there and enjoyed talking to the rangers, scientists and volunteers. We are very happy to have been lucky enough to get to see this beautiful atoll.