Fiji! Last stop until New Zealand.

It has been almost two years since we sailed to Fiji and I am only now finally finishing the videos. Life has caught up with us and we are now "Landlubers" as they say. The kiddos are going to school, we are looking to buy a house and as you all know we have put SeaBean on the market.

Fiji was an amazing place to sail around even though none of our charts were acurate which made for some interesting "over land sailing" in some places.

This is also where we said goodbye to our friends on Neverland, Sempre Due and then Caramba as the first two were heading towards Australia while Caramba had to be in NZ before a certain date for insurance reason.

This is also where we found our favorite place on earth so far. We got stuck in Fulaga for a few weeks with non stop 25-30 knots of wind and still found it to be the most beautiful place. Maybe one day we will get to sail there again.