The most beautiful place on earth!

Even with a bad weather forecast and 25 to 35 knots of wind the whole time we were there, we absolutely loved Fulaga or as we dubed it "beautiful island".

This place is absolute paradise.

If we had to pick one place we would like to go back to it would be at the top of our list. Hopefully one day when the world has gotten back to normal, or a new normal, we can charter a boat and visit this place again. With better weather hopefully!

What makes Fulaga particularly amazing is that there are no Hotels, no airport and pretty much no access to this island. It is far from mainland Fiji and only gets a boat delivering supplies once a month (weather permitting). It feels like a priviledge to visit this place and it really is. Most of the lagoon is about 5-8m deep depending on the tide, which makes it a lovely place to snorkle around. We sadly didnt get a chance to do much of that due to the high wind but we still had a wonderful time.
We also met Humberto and his mom Tilly who were truly inspiring and realized that when you really want something nothing can stop you and you can always find a way. If you want to find out more about Humberto and Tilly here is a link to a blog post about them.