Western Samoa

Ever since opening a guide book of the South Pacific I had been dreaming of going to Samoa. Another reason for going is the fact that it seems most cruiser skip Samoa and we like to go where most people don't.

We certainly did not regret sailing to Samoa. We arrived in Apia and got sent to the Marina where for a few minutes we were worried we wouldn't find space for us or Caramba. The marina is very small with only one pontoon but after closer inspection there were two spots available.
We tied up, helped Caramba tie up and soon the kids were running around the dock with their friends on Neverland which we had finally cought up with again. Although we were meant to stay on our boat until custom and immigration arrived it seemed they didn't mind our kiddos being off, which was a relief because it is very very hard to explain to a 3 and 5 year old why they need to stay put while everyone else is running around.

After enjoying seeing everyone again we got organized and decided to rent a car the next morning and go exploring.
We only spent 4 days in Samoa as the weather was changing and it was either 4 days or possibly two weeks which would have been too long for us.
We managed to do a lot in 4 days and although it was beautiful and we would have loved to stay. American Samoa had taken a lot of the time we had planned to explore Samoa and we had to move on.