American Samoa

While checking out of French Polynesia we realized that Arthur's passport was expiring and we would not be able to check into the next places we would visit without getting a new one. Enter American Samoa.

We had not planed on going to American Samoa as you can't cruise around and Pago Pago harbour isn't a very nice place to stay. As soon as we had checked in we ran to the post offfice to start all the paper work to get a new passport and paid all the fees to expedite it as much as possible. The lady at the post office was the nicest person I had met. We didnt have an appointment but explained our problem and she took us in between appointments, how lovely is that.

There isn't much to be said about American Samoa as we never managed to rent a car and truly visit but there is one thing that surpised me, they are the loveliest people we have ever met. Every last one of them. In our 15 days we didn't meet a single person that wasn't lovely and helpfull.